Maintenance manual

Maintenance manual

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The chain is the most easily worn and contaminated part in cycling. It is also the most troublesome and troublesome part for riders. It is completely exposed during cycling. Cycling in various environments will be directly affected by the environment. If the chain is not well maintained, it will not only affect the service life of the chain, tooth disc and transmission, but also affect the feeling of cycling because the chain is not smooth enough. Therefore, the maintenance of the chain is extremely critical in daily maintenance.

The maintenance of the chain largely depends on the environment and condition when you ride. Riding in wet and muddy environments requires more frequent maintenance than on dry and asphalt roads.

Manual 2

Here are the maintenance time and correct use knowledge of bicycle chain.

When should the chain be maintained?

1. The speed change performance is reduced during riding.

2. There is too much dust or oil sludge on the chain.

3. Noise is generated when the transmission system is running.

4. Because the chain is dry, it makes a clucking sound when pedaling.

5. Place it for a long time after raining.

6. When driving on ordinary roads, maintenance is required at least every two weeks or about 200 kilometers.

7. When driving on off-road conditions, it shall be cleaned and maintained at least once every 100km. Even in a worse environment, you need cleaning and maintenance every time you ride.

Cleaning method of chain

Required appliances

Maintenance rack, cleaning agent, old newspaper, dry rag, lubricating oil, old toothbrush, syringe, chain washer, oily pen.

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